Search Service Suits Researchers, Etc.

Focusing on journals of scientific, technical, medical and business topics, the Information Quest (IQ) subscription serviceís relatively narrow range suits academic users.

By gaining access in electronic form, researchers can search for any word in the original journal articles. Once desired articles are located, IQ delivers the full text, including graphics, to oneís PC desktop.

More than 12,000 journals, dating back to 1990, are indexed in a database of 6,000 Tables of Contents. This comes from over 25,000 publishers, with additional journals and publishers continuously added.

The IQ service includes statistical usage and management data, Web-based journal ordering and more.

For better productivity, the IQ Alert Service is another tool that creates personalized ìclippingî services for IQ clients based on supplied search criteria. This continuously notifies each researcher, faculty member or student that there are new results from old searches. EOS International, Carlsbad, CA, (800) 876-5484,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.