Sun Internet Server Costs Under $5,000

Specially priced for educators, Sun Microsystemsí Netra Internet Server version 3.1 provides a powerful, secure and easy-to-operate Internet connectivity solution for under $5,000. Schools inside the U.S. can obtain the server through the firmís ScholarPAC program.

The hardware comprises a SPARCstation 4 system with 110MHz microSPARC II processor, 32MB of memory, 1.05GB internal hard disk, Ethernet (10Base-T or AUI) and serial ports, 3.5î floppy drive and CD-ROM drive.

Software includes Netscape Enterprise Server, Netscape Navigator Gold for Web page editing, Netscape LiveWire for Web site management, Interscan VirusWall for scanning of viruses, plus a Java developers kit and sample Java applets.

ìThe Netra Internet Server can be installed at a school in 30 minutes or less and integrates easily with the computing environments found in most schools, namely PCs and Macs,î says Neil Knox, vice president and general manager of Sunís Internet and Networking Products Group. The unit functions as a server for Web access, e-mail, telnet, FTP, DNS and PPP, as well as for printer and file sharing.

Telia, a telecommunications company in Sweden, has already connected 120 Swedish schools to the Internet using Sun Netra Internet servers. Sun Microsystems, Mountain View, CA, (800) 786-0404,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.