Electronic 'Ranger' Collects Motion Data

Designed for middle and high schools, the Calculator-Based Ranger (CBR) from Texas Instruments allows students to quickly collect and analyze motion data. The compact device, which resembles a cordless phone, connects to TI graphing calculators and transfers data at the push of a button.

Rather than rely on a pencil, stopwatch and ruler, students can use the CBR to accurately measure the motion of a falling ball or other object. They can later change variables to see how they impact the graphed results.

The CBR measures distance, velocity and acceleration, at up to 150 samples per second and from distances up to 20 feet. The device can stand on a horizontal surface or be clamped to a door.

Teachers can modify settings in the built-in program, create programs of their own, or use programs written for TIís Calculator-Based Laboratory.

As part of a unique ìtest driveî offer for educators, the CBR will be available through the firmís Workshop Loan Program, bundled with a TI-83 calculator and ViewScreen display panel. An instructional booklet describes numerous classroom activities for different skill levels.

The product also will be featured in summer workshops by Teachers Teaching with Technology (T3). For a schedule of T3 workshops, call (888) 2-TCUBED or send e-mail to [email protected].

Educators can purchase the CBR for an SRP of under $100 from local TI Instructional Products dealers. Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX, (800) TI-TEXAS, www.ti.com/calc.

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.