Run Java-Enabled Presentations Over the Web

Itinerary Web Presenter 2.0 gives distance education instructors the ability to conduct spontaneous or planned live presentations over the Internet. As long as students are using a Java-enabled browser, instructors can remotely "control" their browsers, guiding them in and out of presentation slides and Web pages located anywhere on the Internet.

During the presentation, instructors have access to features such as speaker notes, a slide preview window, a pointer and even drawing capabilities. Itinerary 2.0 will recognize when an HTML file has been converted from PowerPoint or Corel 8, and launches a special interface for the instructor, with additional features that can enhance the presentation.

Itinerary Web Presenter 2.0 includes a public or private chat feature that lets audience members talk to the instructor or among themselves. The software is priced at $195 for one presenter with up to five remote audience members; prices vary depending on the number of users supported per presentation. A free trial version may be downloaded from the companyís Web site. Contigo Software, San Diego, CA, (619) 278-5900,

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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.