U.S. Robotics, APTE Send Internet Kits to Schools

U.S. Robotics Education, now part of 3Com, and APTE have teamed up to demonstrate the value of the Internet in classrooms. Hundreds of educators will receive a Communications Lunch Kit, featuring APTE software and U.S. Roboticsí 56k Faxmodem.

The 56k Faxmodem enables significantly faster download speeds (compared to 28.8 modems) through more than 350 Internet Service Providers nationwide that support x2 service, including AOL, CompuServe and Netcom.

APTEís Internet Coach for Microsoft Internet Explorer provides program simulations, ample graphics and no-jargon text. The CD-ROM covers Web basics, browsing, searching, downloading, e-mail, plug-ins, extensions, troubleshooting and more. Users learn about the Internet off-line, saving time and money. APTE, Evanston, IL, (800) 494-1112, www.apte.com.

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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.