Late Breaks

T.H.E. Journal is now available on CD-ROM! Instead of leafing through back issues at the nearest library, you can now press a few keys and find every listing of any word, phrase, topic or author that appeared in the magazine in the last decade. Click another button to print any page, article or advertisement. The CD (compatible with Windows 3.1/95/NT) also connects to T.H.E. Online.
You may obtain a complete ten-year archive (1987-1996) or a single five-year archive (1987-1991 or 1992-1996). Institutional network licenses are offered as well. To place a credit-card order (American Express, MasterCard, Visa or Discover), call CD Technologies at (888) 216-0054. Readers also may order the CD-ROM directly from T.H.E. Journal (with a check or purchase order) by calling (714) 730-4011.


Dukane Corp. (St. Charles, IL), a global manufacturer of audio-visual presentation products, received a Certificate of ISO 9001 Registration from Underwriter's Laboratories for its "total quality management" efforts. The ISO 9001 standard requires that a company have a quality system and documentation clearly addressing the 20 key elements that affect the design, manufacture and servicing of its products. (630) 584-2300

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.