Acer America

The WT 300 Windows-based terminal is the newest product in Acer’s Empowered Classroom series. Using a server-based approach, the low-cost unit allows educators to deploy more systems throughout a school and thereby increase students’ access to technology. Software is upgraded on the server only and is accessible from the terminal.

The terminal can be configured for individual students using Acer’s “Smart Card Security.” This allows students to access the same desktop from any terminal on campus, be it in the classroom, the lab or the library. With a Smart Card Reader, the WT 300 enables only those users with a Smart Card and the correct PIN number to gain access to the server. It also features a Cyrix MediaGX LV processor running at 200 MHz, as well as a Cx 5530 chipset. A small footprint allows it to operate horizontally or vertically, optimizing desktop space. Acer America Corp., San Jose, CA, (800) 551-ACER,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.