School Fundraising Gets a Boost has launched a Web site to serve as an online destination for school fundraising and program management. The site aims to maximize schools’ fundraising success by providing a single destination for managing multiple funding programs. From the site, schools can perform a number of administrative functions, including downloading community promotional materials or exchanging information about school fundraising.


FundingFactory currently offers two programs to assist schools with fundraising. Educational Technology and Conservation Exchange Program, or ETCEP, allows schools to collect empty printer cartridges from their community in exchange for free classroom technology products. The program  encourages students and parents to capture community support through a simple recycling program.


FundingFactory’s other initiative, MaxBack, is an online mall with over 200 e-commerce stores. When shoppers make online purchases through these stores, they earn “points” for their school. Schools can then redeem their points for free technology products, such as computers, laser printers, scanners, digital cameras, and software packages. Since MaxBack gives 100% of its commissions back to schools and retains no profits, schools benefit from a high work-reward ratio. Also, schools are able to track current point totals. With this information, institutions can better plan for the use of raised funds and can gauge how well the program is working for them.


For more information about ETCEP, visit And to learn more about MaxBack, visit FundingFactory, Pennington, NJ, (888) 883-8237,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.