Bring Telecommunications Services Together

ADC Telecommunications has released EasyAdmin Web, the newest offering in the company’s line ofWeb-enabled enhanced service products. EasyAdmin Web is a suite ofself-administration tools that telecommunications subscribers can use to managetheir phone and Internet services via the Web. As communications devices haveproliferated and service options have become more numerous and complex,educational institutions that subscribe to multiple communications servicesfind it increasingly difficult to control individual communications. Forinstance, teachers or administrators may have separate voicemail boxes forschool, home and for their mobile phones. Similarly, maintaining several e-mailaccounts has become standard.

EasyAdmin makes it easier to administer and configure thefull range of ADC’s enhanced services portfolio. It provides a user-friendlyenvironment in which subscribers can use pull-down menus, graphical icons andpoint-and-click functionality to create and configure voice mailboxes, assignforwarding numbers and e-mail addresses, and initiate new services. Theavailable tools give subscribers unprecedented control over personalcommunications, and enable them to adapt voice messaging, call management, faxand e-mail applications to better fit their personal needs. ADCTelecommunications, Minneapolis,MN, (612) 938-8080,

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.