Integrate SAT Prep into the Classroom

Kaplan has launched an SATpreparation course that can be integrated by high school teachers into existingcurricula. The course aims to develop a student’s understanding of the conceptstested on the SAT and a familiarization with the test’s format. It is dividedinto 12 40-minute modules that are intended to be incorporated into English andmath classes. Lessons highlight the essential strategies for success on theSAT. Kaplan also offers training to teachers to assist them in the integrationof the Kaplan curriculum.

SAT Essentials uses the same methodology employed byKaplan’s own instructors. Kaplan also offers an array of online testprep and admissions courses for more than 30 standardized tests. The SAT coursematerials are available at a low cost to schools, and are designed for easeof use and curriculum compatibility. Kaplan recommends teaching these lessonplans two to four weeks prior to the SAT administration. Kaplan Inc., New York, NY,

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.