Navigate Your Classroom

Texas Instruments has launched TI-Navigator, a wireless classroom system that facilitates student-focused learning and empowers real-time interaction in the classroom. The system has three main components and is easily implemented in schools by building on existing technology and infrastructure. The first piece is TI's handheld technology, the TI-83 Plus. Each unit features Flash memory, a microprocessor and data storage systems. The second part is the wireless network that allows interactivity between the students and teachers.

The third part of the system is a Web browser that enables in-class interaction. The teacher can access lesson plans and curricular materials, view what individual students are doing on their handheld technology, and send out questions to individual students or to the group as a whole. Teachers are able to monitor students' progress in real-time, allowing any comprehension issues to be caught and addressed immediately. Students can work at their own pace on individual exercises or work together as a group. Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX, (800) 336-5236,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2001 issue of THE Journal.