Free SAT Prep Courses Offered Online

An agreement between America Online and TestU resulted in the delivery of free online SAT preparation courses through the [email protected] service. Through this agreement, [email protected] becomes the provider of TestU’s SAT “Crunch” Course, a customized online preparation course based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses. The course features four weeks of interactive test preparation, including a diagnostic test, a personalized curriculum for each student, learning units, four practice tests, and a full-length, proctored SAT exam with authentic test content. Students can also take a mini rapid feedback test where they instantly receive a general range of scores based on their current knowledge. These courses are available through the high school portal of the [email protected] Web site and to schools through software. America Online, Dulles, VA, (703) 265-1746,

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/2001 issue of THE Journal.