Revised Program Promises Increased Residual Income for Schools has launched its new MegaMall Version 2.0, which is a revised program that ensures more residual income for schools, while enabling educators to control the content and products receiving their endorsement. The program allows schools to open their own virtual online store, and select the same brand-name products and services offered on popular Web shopping sites. The commission structure affords schools 2-25% of the sales, depending on the product. Checks are sent to the school quarterly with a minimum amount of $10 required for payment.

Schools and districts must subscribe to the service, which ensures that the school has authorized rSchool to fundraise on its behalf. Rather than promote other sites, rSchool’s MegaMall creates a store in the school’s name, where schools can select the products sold and prevent third-party advertising. Creating local school stores also eliminates the chance that visitors may forget to identify their school correctly — again ensuring that schools get their fair share of the revenue., Pennsauken, NJ, (516) 763-3184,

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/2001 issue of THE Journal.