Kodak's Professional 5260

Kodak's Professional 5260 wide-format inkjet printer is the first in a new line of high-speed, wide-format inkjet printers from Kodak Professional that employs Piezo inkjet print-head technology, six colors and Dynamic Contone printing - the ability to deliver five distinct drop sizes over an extended range (8 pl to 67 pl) on an individual pixel-by-pixel basis. The result is a quality output at up to 500 square feet per hour at 300 dpi with an "apparent resolution" three to four times higher. It can also produce high-quality 600 x 600 and 1,200 x 600 dpi images using up to three drop sizes.

The 5260 supports both dye- and pigment-based inks for added flexibility, and accommodates a wide range of media, including paper, film, vinyl, and canvas for indoor or outdoor applications. It accepts media up to 62" wide, and standard roll lengths are managed by a precise automated feed and take-up system. The 5260 printer can also be used with Kodak's Instant-Dry photographic media, developed to address the challenge of high print speeds with photographic quality, to extend print life. The Instant-Dry photographic media is available in both satin and gloss finishes. Kodak Professional, Rochester, NY, (800) 235-6325, www.kodak.com/go/5260.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.