World Book Online Database Features Primary Sources

World Book Research Libraries is a wide-ranging, dynamic online database of primary source materials encompassing eight distinct libraries. The subscription-based database is available online at and contains more than 4,700 complete books and 174,000 documents available individually or as a total collection.

The database is aimed at providing students and researchers at the middle school through university level with easy access to a continually expanding aggregation of original source materials. World Book expects to expand the database every month by more than 1,000 original source documents and at least 30 major books. Currently, users can search or browse through sources for world history, U.S. history, political science and law, social sciences, literature, science and mathematics, language, and philosophy and religion. World Book Inc., Chicago, IL, (800) 967-5325,

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.