Assessment Tools... Scantron's ParSYSTEM 5.0

Scantron's ParSYSTEM 5.0 is a suite of fully automated software tools for integrated, simple and customizable testing and analysis. The suite comes with ParTEST, which allows educators to create customized tests, including multimedia tools; ParTEST Online, which lets users deploy tests to a stand-alone computer, a LAN or the Internet; and ParSCORE, which lets educators automatically generate accurate scores, and conduct analysis and comprehensive reporting.

In addition, ParSYSTEM includes a Mastery Report that shows students' test performances based on user-defined demographic data, such as gender, day part and school. The subtesting feature breaks down a test into parts to examine student performance on each subject area. The tool also immediately scores tests taken online and automatically imports the results into the ParSCORE gradebook. The question-response analysis is then reported back to ParTEST, where question-response history and validity are updated. Scantron Corp., Tustin, CA, (800) 722-6876,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.