Security Tools... American Locker Security Systems Inc.

American Locker Security Systems Inc. specializes in a full line of ready to install secure laptop lockers with electrical outlets inside of each compartment. The company’s product models are available in either 10- or 15-shelf mechanical (LTS-10, LTS-15) or electronic (CLER-10, CLER-15) formats, allowing institutions and their members to recharge and store laptops securely. Each user has access to his or her own compartment, while the instructor or administrator can access all compartments at once through a key and/or user code, depending on the locker type.

Accountability is ensured in the mechanical systems via 16 million distinct key combinations and no master keying. A key cylinder can be replaced at an administrator’s request, which locks out that particular user while ensuring the integrity of the storage system. In the electronic systems, similar management control is available via the management computer console, which allows for the programming of up to four-user codes per compartment.

Due to its small footprint — 18" wide, 17" deep — laptop lockers are ideal for classrooms, media centers or any location that is tight on space. Each locker stands 72" high and can be placed side-by-side against walls or recessed into walls for maximum effect. In addition, the units plug directly into wall sockets and no assembly is required. American Locker Security Systems Inc., Jamestown, NY (800) 828-9118,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.