Digital Imaging Software: eZedia

EZediaMX 3.0 from eZedia Inc. is a cross-platform media integration and editing tool that can be used to compile storyboards, create digital portfolios, multimedia presentations, animations, interactive CD-ROMs and more. The software features a visual linking environment, intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality that make it simple to use. eZediaMX also features sophisticated logic elements for inputting, collecting, displaying and calculating numerical or alphabetical data that don't require programming. With eZediaMX 3.0, users can annotate movies, layer objects, draw anti-aliased vector graphics and create templates for future use, all with an improved file format, which reduces the file size allowing for faster opening and saving times and the creation of more complex projects.

In addition, the company recently released eZeMatte and eZeScreen, the first in a series of plug-ins for Apple's iMovie 2. eZeMatte allows users to add borders, frames and themes. It comes with 10 theme overlays and automatically resizes all images that do not already conform to the DV format size to fit the frame. eZeScreen gives iMovie 2 users professional blue- and green- screen video effects. Users can position an additional movie over an iMovie 2 clip and adjust the transparency and fade levels of any selected color to add animated logos, talking heads or any QuickTime supported movie. eZedia Inc., Manitoba, Canada, (877) 408-0195,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.