Jones Donates E-Learning Platform to Schools

Jones Knowledge recently announced that it is donating its baseline Jones e-education online course delivery and management platform to schools worldwide, opening the doors to the software's source code and making it freely available to educational institutions. The company will be offering the source code for its baseline product to serve the internal needs of institutions that are looking for a solid delivery platform or a foundation to build a more sophisticated course delivery tool. Jones Knowledge expects that the code will be globally available before the end of the year.

As Jones Knowledge phases out of the course delivery platform business in favor of the free source product, its current intention is to no longer develop nor accept new contracts for Jones e-education v4.0. Jones Knowledge will continue to support this version for existing customers, while assisting them with their transition to either the open source course delivery software or another software platform of their choice. Jones Knowledge Inc., Englewood, CO, (800) 453-5663,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.