DViT Technology Powers New SMART 2000i Whiteboard

SMART Technologies Inc. has released its new mobile, easy-to-use rear-projection SMART Board 2000i interactive whiteboard. Developed with input from educators, the 2000i combines the benefits of a large, shadow-free, touch-sensitive display with a height-adjustable design. With the new easy-to-turn handle, teachers can lower the screen from teaching height to a height that is easily accessible for students. The 2000i is the latest addition to SMART's family of rear-projection products that features the superior image quality and precise touch control of the company's new DViT (digital vision touch) technology. In addition, using the SMART Board software, teachers can access, control or write over the top of any computer application, including Internet resources and CD-ROMs, and save these notes to a single file. Users simply write on any application in electronic ink with either their finger or the stylus. Qualifying educational institutions can purchase the new whiteboard for $9,749 with a grant from the SMARTer Kids Foundation.

Visitors to the SMART Technologies booth at NECC (see related story on page 12) can enter to win the new 2000i whiteboard and an NEC MT860 SVGA projector. For more information, visit www.smarttech.com.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2003 issue of THE Journal.