Classroom Furniture - Smith System Inc.

The Smith System Huddle is a versatile desk designed especially for team and group learning. The Huddle-6 can create a 6' wide circle with six desks, while the Huddle-8 can create a 7' wide circle with eight desks. The Huddle's trapezoid shape allows for these varied configurations, in addition to traditional rows and face-to-face or side-by-side partner work. The large circles work well for groups, providing an easy connection of notebook computers for e-learning applications. Smith System uses high-pressure laminate on the Huddle's surface to protect against damage from such things as pen points and other tools. It also features welded end-leg sets that ensure the desks remain stable. Smith System Inc., (800) 328-1061,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2003 issue of THE Journal.