New Products: 3d Choreographer 3.0

3d Choreographer 3.0 by Animated Communications ( is a software animation program that features complex animation techniques that are simple enough for middle and high school students to learn. The software includes more than 300 3-D characters from which students may choose to animate. Drawing from hundreds of movement commands, including waving, bowing, somersaulting and pirouetting, students can control their characters in various manners. More advanced students can even write new commands to further enhance their characters' movements. The complex scripts of actions allow students to tell entire stories with the use of 3d Choreographer. In addition, the software offers a unique, patented feature whereby students can attach an image of a face to the animated characters. To complete the animations, students can add text and choose from an assortment of backgrounds that are included with the software.

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2004 issue of THE Journal.