FMG Launches Digital Video Delivery System

Films Media Group ( has launched FMG ON DEMAND, a proprietary digital video delivery system that provides digital video to educators and students in three ways: streamed from the Internet directly to a classroom computer for instant viewing, downloaded for playback from a school’s local server, or shipped on a plug-and-play hard drive for schools that have an existing digital video delivery network in place. FMG digital video is available in curriculum libraries and on a per-title basis. This video content can be purchased outright (an exclusive FMG option) or leased. With FMG ON DEMAND, users will now be able to view and manage their digital collections through the friendly computer interface, which enables them to make playlists of predefined learning objects; create custom learning objects; search their titles by keyword, subject or educational standard; and more. For more information on FMG ON DEMAND, contact Films Media Group at (800) 257-5126, ext. 3502.

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.