Hart Sharp Video Releases Enhanced Super Size Me DVD for Education

Super Size MeMorgan Spurlock, star and director of Super Size Me, is bringing his Academy Award-nominated documentary (this issue g'es to print before the 2005 Oscars are announced) to schools in order to teach children the perils of poor diet, nutrition and fitness. The new educationally enhanced DVD, released in association with Hart Sharp Video, ComChoice Corp. and Spurlock, has been re-edited to a new ‘PG’ version that includes educational materials, activities and lessons that cover topics such as literacy, health, physical science and life skills. Each DVD comes with a teacher’s guide, printable lesson plans, student handouts, and links to other sources and Web sites that can be used inside or outside of the classroom. The film itself also incorporates learning tools into the viewing experience through pop-up screens that appear with additional facts and figures related to scenes in the movie.

Super Size Me is about Spurlock’s one-month diet of consuming only food from McDonald’s, and the effects that diet had on his mental and physical well-being. Following the success of his film, Spurlock has taken it upon himself to ensure that young people get his healthier eating message by speaking at schools; the new educationally enhanced version of his film is another step toward creating that awareness. For more information, call Hart Sharp Video (www.hartsharpvideo.com) at (617) 983-0658 or visit

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.