EdVenture Software's Soccer Math


While Soccer Math (www.edven.com; $29.95 for a single copy, with discounts available for lab packs and site licenses) is nowhere near arcade-level in its graphics or design, it is a useful math drill program that is ideal for students aged 7-14 who are having difficulties in math, or for those who just need the practice. Users are able to create their own soccer team and challenge their knowledge of such things as place values, whole number operations (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication), English and metric measurements, greatest common factors, least common multiples, fractions, decimals and percents. Each subject has varying levels of difficulty, and teams can be either male or female.

After users create their own team, they are able to practice their math skills by answering 10 multiple-choice questions at their own pace, while the soccer player practices his/her “juggling” skills. Each correct answer in the practice mode shows the player advancing his/her juggling skills, while incorrect answers show the player booting the ball away. Once players practice their skills, they are ready for a soccer match where they have either five, 10 or 15 seconds to answer questions. Each correct answer moves the player closer to a shot or goal, while incorrect answers allow the opposing team to steal and advance the ball the other way. The quicker a player answers, the greater the chance they will score.

Besides the game, the program also charts percentages of right to wrong answers so students can see which topics they excel in and which they need to work on. The Soccer Math program is easy-to-use and is both Windows- and Macintosh-compatible.

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.