'Technology Black Out Day' Scheduled for April 20

On April 20, join thousands of teachers, students and parents for “Technology Black Out Day” as they imagine a full day without technology. With free lesson plans, activities and supporting materials for grades 3-12 available at www.technologyblackoutday.com, participants will take a journey through time, examining the impact of technology on our society. Participants will also begin to imagine the possibilities of their contributions in the 21st century’s technology-rich workforce. Technology Black Out Day can be a short exercise or a more comprehensive process of self-exploration. Beginning with a brief overview of how things have drastically changed and a technology timeline, students will develop their own definition of technology as well as analyze the impact that innovation has had on their daily lives and on our nation. The curriculum addresses specific state standards in social studies, government and language arts. It also reinforces efficacy, innovation, traditional literacy and technology skills.

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.