Don’t miss these outstanding speakers, featured at NECC 2005

Monday, June 27, 5:45-7 pm
David WeinbergerDavid Weinberger, a consultant, entrepreneur,author, and fellow at Harvard Law School’sBerkman Center for Internet & Society, willexamine how the prevalent access of knowledgethrough technology is changing today’s society. In “The NewShape of Knowledge,” Dr. Weinberger will discuss this changein our society by addressing what it means to know, as well aswhat it means to learn and teach.

Wednesday, June 29, 8:30-9:45 am
J'el BarkerIndependent scholar and futurist J'el Barker’sspeech, “Five Regions of the Future: A New Way toThink About Technology,” will reveal five visions ofthe future based on “TechnEcology”—ecosystemsrooted in technology and shaped by key values about the wayhumans should interact with “Spaceship Earth.”

Deneen Frazier BowenDeneen Frazier Bowen, educator, actress, and coauthorof The Internet for Your Kids (Sybex Inc.,1997), will use her speech to take attendees intothe hearts and minds of today’s digital natives. Aspart of her presentation, “The Natives Are Restless,” Bowenwill show, using their words, how tech-savvy studentsstruggle to connect what they do in school with what they doin the outside world.

Erin GruwellIn her speech “Becoming a Catalyst for Change,”Erin Gruwell, founder and president of the ErinGruwell Education Project, will share the inspiringstory of how she helped at-risk students use thepower of education to write a book, graduate from high school,and attend college.

Thursday, June 30, 11:45 am-1:15 pm
Mark PrenskyMark Prensky, founder and CEO of Games2train, isa game designer and author of Digital Game-BasedLearning (McGraw-Hill, 2000). In his speech,“Engage Me or Enrage Me: Educating Today’sDigital Native Learners,” Prensky will discuss how the key togetting students more engaged in their schoolwork isn’tthrough testing or curriculum, but through games. There is a$30 pre-registration fee for this luncheon.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.