The NeuronFarm’s Web-based 3D-Readers program (www.neuronfarm.com) is designed to train students in grades 3-8 to apply metacognitivestrategies to all text types, in any format. 3D-Readers uses aproprietary automatic text-scoring algorithm called HEMA (HidimensionalExpert Match Algorithm) to engage students with originalnarrative and expository texts in “tough to teach” subjects. Theprogram blends verbal and visual reading strategies, including interactivevisualizations, question generation, and constructed responses toopen-ended questions. The program’s colorful characters and illustrationsare designed to hold the reader’s attention. And the HEMA systemprovides an all-inclusive numerical score that reflects the overall qualityof students’ answers, while providing immediate feedback to theirresponses. A one-year Starter Pack that contains 10 modules for 30students is priced at $600. The company is also offering a free 30-daytrial and, for a limited time, a “Summer School” offer.

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.