Multi-Monitor Mount

Premier Mounts ( offers a uniqueMulti-Monitor Mount with tableadapter that can hold three 10- to20-inch LCD displays, side by side.The mounting arms providesmooth movement in any direction,as well as the ability to slide monitorsfrom side to side. The mountinginterface brackets offer additionaltilt and pivot, plus the ability torotate the screen 360 degrees.Premier also sells the space-savingFlip-Down Mount for 10- to 18-inch LCDs that flips up for easy use,or down for easy storage. Easy toinstall, the smooth-action Flip-Down Mount folds to less than3 inches, has a 360-degree pivot when lowered, a 180-degree pivotwhen raised, and a lifetime guarantee. The Multi-Monitor Mount is$349.99; the Flip-Downis $99.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.