Train Computer Classroom Stations

Train Computer Classroom StationsSchools can configurecomputer stations instraight rows, curves, arcs,U-shapes, spirals, or clusterswith the Train ComputerClassroom Stations fromSMARTdesks ( This is madepossible because of Train’sunique shape that lets users“couple” desktops togetherat any angle, giving studentsa clear line of sight to theinstructor and better peer-to-peer visibility. The deskscan be outfitted to supportlaptops, iMacs, and LCDmonitors, and by using thecompany’s flipIT mechanism,iMacs and LCDs can be mounted to the desktop where they sit flat until they are rotated into an ergonomic, semi-recessed viewing position by the optionalkeyboard tray or a cable-release handle. Pricing varies.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.