Technology Leaders Wanted


We’re looking for the 2006 T.H.E Journal Innovators. Send in your school/district and technologistnominations today!

Katherine Grayson IN AUGUST 2005, our sister publication, Campus Technology, introduced its first collection of innovators in higher education technology. They were 13 exemplary schools, their visionary technology leadership, and their innovative vendor partners, all coming together to take higher education technology to extraordinary new heights.

Last year, one institution utilized multi-vendor partnerships to provide the school’s students, staff, and faculty with anytime/anywhere application and file access. Another dramatically improved learning through the implementation of innovative note-taking technology, coupled with the rollout of various smart classroom products and tablet PCs. In one state, an entire city community was benefiting from a new model for communitynetworking.

In this second year of our higher education technology competition, 15 institutions were chosen from almost 500 entrants: Technology and institution leaders told us about their 3D and“immersive” learning experiments;their use of gaming and simulation tofoster classroom and online learning;electronic portfolio and studentassessment initiatives; the use oftablets, PDAs, iPods, MP3 recorders,cell phones, interactive boards, andplasma/LCD displays in the classroom;and the use of user-friendly websitecreation tools for MySpace-like studentsites. Tech administrators working hardto move their institutions into the 21stcentury shared with us their new documentstorage and sharing models andtechnologies; they reported stridesmade in business continuity planning,in the event of a disaster. And ofcourse, school administrators told usall about their new data security measures;about protecting school networksfrom the devices and viruses thestudents added to the mix.

T.H.E. Journal InnovatorsAlthough the schools I refer to above are institutions of higher education, clearly, they all have one thing in common: a zeal to better serve their students. That, in fact, is the common thread that connects all places of learning, and all educators. Which brings me to you, your own school and its classrooms, and to the vendor partners that help you make learning come alive for your K-12 students.

Are you or are your colleagues leading the charge to differentiate your school or district through the intelligent, innovative, inspired use of technology? If so, we’d like you to let us know about it!

You can nominate your school or district, its technology leaders, and its vendor partners, simply by sending an e-mail to our managing editor, Christina Schaller, at [email protected]. Tell us, in a brief paragraph, why your nominee(s) should be considered. (No need for case-study details up front; we’ll get back to you for expanded information as we determine finalists.)

Mark your subject line “2006 T.H.E Journal Innovator Nomination,” and submit your nomination by Aug. 31. Nominations may also be submitted by vendor partners, but must have the permission of the nominated school or district.

Watch for additional details on our website. Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity!

—Katherine Grayson, Editor-In-Chief

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2006 issue of THE Journal.