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Knowmia Crowdsources Video Lessons

An online video crowdsourcing platform, which was recently launched to provide free multimedia content for high school classrooms, has added a homework assignment tool. The new Knowmia feature was released this week.

Knowmia includes short videos--approximately 1- to 10-minutes-long, on subjects such as American literature, grammar, writing skills, algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, social studies, United States and world history, geography, European history, computer science, programming, Web development, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. A team at Knowmia curates the video lessons submitted by teachers.

It also allows teachers to add their own video lessons with iPad app Knowmia Teach. Teachers can include videos from YouTube and Vimeo or upload video files.

The new homework assignment tool features:

  • Designation of lessons into assignments from the Knowmia video database;
  • Tools to create assignments, including options for multiple choice, textbook, or open-ended questions;
  • Tracking of student assignments, such as if they have been completed, when they were finished, how the student's performance was, and identification of areas where students need improvement; and
  • The ability for teachers to share access with peers.

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