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McGraw-Hill Releases LearnSmart for High School Students

In an effort to help prepare students for college and future careers, McGraw-Hill Education will make its adaptive study tool, LearnSmart, available to high school students.

Accessible through McGraw-Hill Education's ConnectED platform, LearnSmart will initially be available for biology, United States history, and an array of AP and honors level subjects, with additional courses to be added in the coming months.

Launched into the higher education market in 2009, LearnSmart is an adaptive tool that uses algorithmic technology to continually evaluate students' knowledge and skills. As they respond to questions, the program provides a customized learning path designed to help students identify the areas where they need to improve most. Teachers can monitor their students' progress and use the results to tailor their lessons at the class and individual level.

By allowing students access to an adaptive learning environment away from the classroom, LearnSmart is designed to support the flipped classroom model, which encourages students to come to class better prepared.

"With 40 percent of students graduating from high school not prepared for the rigor of college, we have an acute need to better prepare our students for success not only in high school but in college and their careers, and we think that personalized learning through adaptive technology will go a long way toward accomplishing that goal," said Dan Caton, president of McGraw-Hill School Education, in a prepared statement.

Key features of LearnSmart include:

  • At a glance view of student strengths and weaknesses;
  • Web-based platform;
  • Accessable via laptop, iPhone, and iPad, with Android availability coming soon; and
  • Ability to engage in competition with classmates and students across the country.

McGraw-Hill Education is a digital learning company that offers learning solutions worldwide. For more information about LearnSmart, visit mheonline.com/learnsmart.

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