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Small Minority of Parents Oppose Generative AI in Schools

A survey of nearly 1,000 parents revealed that only a small minority oppose the use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT for academic help in schools.

The survey, conducted in August by Pollfish on behalf of Study.com, polled 526 parents in California and 449 in Texas. It found that only 17% of parents in California and 15% in Texas were actually opposed to the use of AI in schools, while 46% in California and 43% in Texas endorsed its use.

While the survey touched on AI, the focus was on tools to address learning loss and other issues related to disruptions caused by the public policy response to the pandemic. Among other findings:

  • Most parents are worried about the long-term impacts of learning loss from the pandemic period (65% in California and 69% in Texas).

  • A large minority of parents have sought external help for their children, including tutoring and counseling (37% in California and 41% in Texas).

  • The most popular forms of help sought in both states were tutoring or study sessions, homework help/after school sessions, and educational online platforms.

  • A large chunk of parents said their kids have faced social-emotional challenges that have impacted their academics (46% in California and 40% in Texas).

  • The top-5 social-emotional challenges faced by kids were the same in California and Texas:

    1. Anxiety/stress.

    2. Lack of motivation/interest in studies.

    3. Low self-esteem or confidence.

    4. Peer-related problems (bullying, peer pressure).

    5. External pressures (such as high expectations).

  • Many parents favor extending the school year to make up for learning loss (55% in California and 47% in Texas).

Complete details about the survey and additional statistics can be found here.

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