November - December 2009

November-December 2009


A New Way Forward

Assistive Technology

A New Way Forward

Tech-based solutions, such as tools for teaching kids how to recognize facial expressions, are giving educators a means of helping autistic students acquire basic life skills.

Virtual Communities

The WoW Factor

For a growing group of educators, the online role-playing game World of Warcraft is a place to go to relax, network, and discover potential learning strategies-- and slay a few monsters if they get in the way.

By Jennifer Demski

E-Portfolios Come of Age


E-Portfolios Come of Age

Industry analysts say the systems have reached a mature adolescence, having grown from mere electronic filing cabinets into multimedia platforms that can operate with a variety of e-learning tools. But their fullest potential still lies ahead.

By John K. Waters

Product Focus

Latest Releases, Services, and New Product Versions


our space

Six Degrees of Speculation

In the nation's capital, everything is touched by gossip and guesswork. But there's one rumor that merits our attention.

By Geoffrey H. Fletcher

News/In Brief

Technology + Online + Industry + Partnerships

Open Source

Bringing That CanDo Spirit

An educator's determined effort to update his school's archaic data systems results in a grassroots programming project whose success is all in its name.

By Charlene O’Hanlon


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