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K-12 Networks Stretched to Meet Demands

Digital content, BYOD, 1:1 initiatives, and IoT. School and district networks are burdened to meet the demands of the technology rich learning environment. This report, from The Center for Digital Education, provides a snapshot from K-12 network professionals and how emerging technologies will further stretch network capacity. Is your network ready?

Keeping School In Session

In a Puget Sound island environment where severe storms and power glitches are common, managing a network of 1 data center and 38 data closets became challenging for the resource-limited IT staff at the Bainbridge Island School District. Efficient monitoring of the physical infrastructure was required so that system uptime could be maintained.

Transforming K-12 Education for the Digital Era

It takes an entire community working toward the same goal to make any K-12 technology initiative successful. Explore this paper to discover top considerations and best practices for creating and executing a shared, learner-focused vision that leverages technology to support learning.

How K-12 Learning Can Cultivate Collaboration Infographic

Many educational experts recognize that collaboration is a critical skill for students’ current and future success. Yet, collaboration isn’t necessarily a natural skill. Students need to learn how to work with others. And they need the tools, opportunities and space to collaborate. Here’s what THE Journal learned when it asked educators about instilling collaboration into their classroom practices.

Inspire Creativity in Learning

Creativity is becoming a more essential component as innovative teachers prepare students for a multifaceted and technologically advanced world. Students find new and creative ways to learn, to express themselves and collaborate with their peers. Following a THE Journal survey that examined how teachers are getting creativity into their students and their classrooms, three points were evident— collaboration nurtures creativity, access to technology is essential, and students will help you help them.

How Digital Tools Can Cultivate Collaboration in the Classroom

While collaboration is one of the four “Cs” in 21st century learning, students need skilled guidance to learn how to work with others most effectively. Here’s how to get started.

Foster Creativity in K-12 Classrooms Infographic

Classrooms continue to shift from the “traditional” format to more learner-centered experiences. This presents opportunities to inspire creativity in students — both in how they learn and how they interact. Modern teachers use a variety of innovative methods to spark creativity and monitor the process, which often calls for changing models in how they interact with students and present information.

Empowering Student Voice and Choice to Deliver Personalized Education

Listening to student' voices and giving them learning choices are critical in providing personalized learning.

Incorporating student voice and choice results in better educational outcomes, and happier students and teachers. This whitepaper shares insights from Student Voice, an organization that helps educators and students incorporate student voice and choice in teaching and learning, and from Hall County School District in Georgia, where students’ voices and choices already are critical elements of personalized education.