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Beyond the Homework Gap: Leveraging Technology to Support Equity of Learning Experiences in School

The role of technology as an agent for creating more leveled playing fields for student learning is not new – but it has not been fully articulated before now. As a result of using technology as a platform for remote learning, both teachers and administrators now place a higher valuation on the role of technology to support students’ future success.

A New Era for K-12 Cyber Resilience

In a ransomware attack, malicious actors lock up data and systems, holding them hostage in an effort to extort a fee from the victim. The rising frequency of this type of attack has profound implications for K–12, beyond just the potential financial loss.

EdTech Top 40: A Look at K-12 EdTech Engagement During the 2022-23 School Year

It’s no secret that educational technology has become integral to teaching and learning—both in and out of the K-12 classroom—and administrators, educators, and students alike continue to access and rely on a wide range of edtech tools that enhance the learning process.

Gain Visibility to your EdTech Ecosystem with the Free Inventory Dashboard

Building an effective edtech ecosystem starts with understanding what’s being used. The Inventory Dashboard from LearnPlatform by Instructure enables local education agencies to discover the holistic scope of tools their students and teachers access.

Leveraging AI/ML in K-12

The rapid rise of large language models and generative AI has fueled uncertainty about how artificial intelligence and machine learning will impact education. Rather than see AI/ML as a threat, K-12 leaders and educators should focus on how the fast-changing technology can improve educational experiences.

K–12 Cybersecurity: Solutions for Improving Your Security Posture with the AWS K12 Cyber Grant

On August 7, Amazon Web Services joined the White House, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, and other leaders in government, industry, and the education community to improve the cybersecurity resilience of K–12 education communities. As part of the White House Back to School Safely Cybersecurity Summit, AWS committed $20 million for a K12 Cyber Grant Program to help schools implement cloud-based cybersecurity solutions.

A Charter School Gets E-Learning Up To Speed with a Modern WiFi Solution

The Academy of Hope had been struggling with its technology infrastructure, particularly its wireless connectivity, for several years due to budget constraints and a lack of highly skilled IT resources. The school obtained federal E-Rate funding for an upgrade and found a partner to provide a much needed modern WiFi solution.

Confronting the New Reality of Today’s Student Mental Health Crisis

Contending with the student mental health crisis is a collaborative effort in today’s school districts. Everyone plays an important part, but it can also be difficult to get all of the well-intentioned pieces moving in the same direction.