Business Roundtable Supports NCLB Commission Findings


2/13/2007—The Business Roundtable, an association of business leaders representing some $4.5 trillion in annual revenues, today threw in its support for the findings and recommendations of the Commission on No Child Left Behind.

"The bipartisan Commission on No Child Left Behind adds a significant voice to the chorus of business leaders, educators, elected officials and prominent citizens who believe in the fundamental principles of the No Child Left Behind Act and are calling on Congress to improve the law by making it even more effective in closing achievement gaps and raising the academic achievement of all students," said Business Roundtable President John J. Castellani.

"Business Roundtable is urging Congress to improve, strengthen and reauthorize NCLB this year, and the Commission's report provides important input to inform that process," he said. "It clearly acknowledges the importance of the law, recognizes its imperfections, and offers positive recommendations to produce better results. The Commission's report is yet another step in the right direction toward transforming America's public education system."

The NCLB Commission's report, released Feb. 13, was the result of about a year of hearings and discussions with educators and administrators. It included dozens of recommendations for improvements to NCLB and also urged reauthorization of the act this year. (See the link at the end of this article for further coverage of the report.)

"The Roundtable is particularly pleased with the Commission's emphasis on the need for students to graduate from high school prepared for college and the workplace," Castellani said. "We look forward to working with Commission members and other policy and education leaders to ensure that the U.S. education system prepares students to succeed in our rapidly changing world."

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