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NC Virtual School Offers Statewide Access to Streaming Digital Content

North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) has announced it has signed an agreement to offer free access to Discovery Education streaming, the company's digital video-based learning system, to educators and students throughout the state. The school has also chosen the company to provide professional development services for its educators.

With partnerships with several companies and organizations prolific in producing educational video content, including PBS, Pearson Education, and BBC Worldwide, Discovery Education streaming offers a topic- and keyword- searchable library of more than 9,000 video titles and 70,000 clips.

"NCVPS is committed to raising achievement and closing learning gaps for all North Carolina students by leveraging the power of world class e-learning opportunities," said Bryan Setser, executive director of NCVPS.  "Allowing our educators and students to access digital content from Discovery Education is yet another way in which we are working toward producing successful 21st century learners, professionals and leaders."

The agreement between the school and the company for professional development services will provide NCVPS educators with access to the company's entire of range PD tools, from digital video and Webinars to on-site training to the Discovery Education Network, which connects educators worldwide so that they can share resources, collaborate, and discuss the entire spectrum of education.

"Providing educators new tools to engage students in learning is only half of the equation," said Setser.  "The other half of the equation is providing the knowledge to implement those tools to their fullest potential."

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