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Learning Resources Launches Early Childhood Tech for Hands-On Learning

Learning Resources has launched its Simple Technology product line, designed to incorporate technology into childhood development learning and enhance the learning process for students in grades pre-K through 8.

Products in the Simple Technology line are designed to be easy to use, even for very young children, and aim to help students learn in the areas of math, reading, and science.

Products in the new line include, among others:

The Zoomy microscope hooks up to a computer to display magnified images at up to 53x magnification.  The microscope can also take photos, which can be uploaded via USB.

The Easi-Speak USB recorder can store up to four hours of digital audio, recharges via any USB port, and transfers both WAV and mp3 format audio files to your computer.

The Luna interactive projection camera allows teachers to project images and multimedia onto a whiteboard or other displays. It also works as both a Web cam, and as a traditional camera to take still photos.

The Twist flexible digital microscope allows students to view and capture images of up to 200x magnification, and transfer those images to a computer.

The HearALL assessment recorder is specifically designed for teachers to record students interacting in groups, minimizing background noise, and with multiple microphones to pick up each individual student.

For more information, or to see the complete line of Simple Technology products, visit

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