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Memphis Grade Six Class Pilots New 1:1 Learning Platform

Students in a grade six math class at Geeter Middle School in Memphis are participating in a pilot program of the Samsung Smart School Solution, an integrated 1:1 learning platform that enables teachers to lead interactive lessons through Samsung tablets.

As part of the pilot program, Samsung provided the class with 35 Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets, a 65-inch interactive whiteboard, and a wireless printer. The Samsung Smart School Solution also includes learning management tools that enable students to access course materials and other school-related information through their tablets. The Galaxy Note 10.1 is an Android-powered tablet that uses advanced S Pen technology, which provides the functionality of a pen and paper on an electronic tablet. The tablets connect through the school's Wi-Fi network, and teachers have the option of instructing the class using the interactive whiteboard display or a TV or projector wirelessly controlled by a tablet or notebook PC.

"This innovative solution frees educators from the confines of standing at a chalkboard or projector and allows them to move about the classroom, conducting interactive lessons and activities through their touch screen tablet or notebook computer," said Tod Pike, senior vice president of Samsung's Enterprise Business Division, in a prepared statement.

The Samsung Smart School Solution has already been deployed at schools in South Korea and other countries, but the pilot program at Geeter Middle School is the first deployment of the solution in the United States. The purpose of the pilot program is to "demonstrate the potential of the digital classroom platform that harnesses the latest Samsung technologies," according to information released by the company.

The Samsung Smart School Solution includes three integrated systems: an interactive management solution, a learning management system, and a student information system.

The interactive management solution enables teachers to deliver content to their students, share their own or a student's screen with the rest of the class, and monitor student progress in real time. It also lets teachers conduct group activities, Q&A sessions, tests, or polls. They can also lock the students' screens instantly and simultaneously using a voice command when they want the class to focus on something other than the tablets.

The learning management system enables teachers to deliver resources, such as etextbooks, learning apps, timetables, school notices, and forums for extracurricular activities, to students at any time.

The student information system is a management for teachers to track student attendance, general information, grade history, and prizes or demerit points.

A video about the Samsung Smart School Solution is available on YouTube.

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