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Hapara Releases Teacher Dashboard and Remote Control for Chromebooks

Hapara, an education management platform for Google Apps, has released a product bundle exclusively for Google Chromebook users. The bundle, which Google selected to be part of Google's Education Apps Pack, includes Hapara's Teacher Dashboard and Remote Control for Chromebooks.

Hapara Teacher Dashboard is a Google Apps add-on that helps teachers set up and maintain their Google Apps environment, enforce appropriate sharing of content, and ensure visibility of student materials. Teachers can use it to create and update student accounts, create and share subject folders for each student or the whole class, and create and monitor personal Google Sites for students for purposes such as e-portfolios. The dashboard displays a list of application tabs open in each student's Chromebook, so teachers can monitor which applications each student is running in real time, and it also displays a history of documents that students have had open, so teachers can see what students have been working on and when.

Remote Control works within the dashboard, enabling teachers to remotely open or close application tabs on any student's Chromebook. If a student is viewing inappropriate content, the teacher can close that tab remotely. If the teacher wants all of the students to view the same content, the teacher can remotely open the content in a new tab on all students' chromebooks simultaneously.

Hapara Teacher Dashboard for Google Apps is available through the Application tab in the Chromebook Management Console. Teacher Dashboard and Remote Control are available directly from Hapara.

Further information about Teacher Dashboard is available at

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