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South Carolina Adopts Data Management System for Special Education Data

The South Carolina Department of Education has implemented a special education data management system in an effort to reduce the time and cost associated with the process of collecting and reporting on special education data.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires states to collect and report data on a number of indicators related to special education. According to John R. Payne, director of the Office of Special Education Services for the South Carolina Department of Education, the process required a duplication of effort for state and district personnel.

In an effort to reduce this duplication of effort, and consequently save time and money, the state has adopted a system that helps special education personnel at the state and district levels manage their IDEA and state-level compliance requirements and consolidate performance data.

The system, called Enrich State, receives data directly from individualized education program (IEP) software and student information systems (SIS) at the local education agency level and uses that data to help districts and the state Department of Education meet their reporting requirements. Because it can integrate with district IEP systems, it's not necessary to implement a statewide IEP system, and once it's linked with the district information systems, Enrich State receives continuous snapshots of district data.

"Enrich is a process-based system, as opposed to a form-based system," said Payne. "Using Enrich State, districts and the department will be able to better ensure procedural compliance."

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