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Skyward Expands Use of Ed-Fi Standards To Ease Data Reporting

In a move designed to improve data interoperability between state educational agencies and school districts, Skyward is expanding the use of Ed-Fi data standards in its school administration software.

"Because each state agency typically creates its own regulations, student information system (SIS) vendors are required to develop one-off approaches to meet the customization of local data-reporting requirements," according to a news release. "Due to the complexity associated with making these adjustments and supporting ongoing changes in data needs by the agencies, school districts generally also have to commit additional resources to maintain compliance."

Ed-Fi Alliance's technology is designed to ease secure data transfers between K-12 systems and state institutions, lower costs and address challenges of data integration and reporting.

"Ed-Fi technology unlocks the potential of data being used by states and school districts," said Troy Wheeler, president of the Ed-Fi Alliance, in a prepared statement. "Skyward's acclaimed software is built from industry-proven technology and empowers its customers by helping districts organize and analyze their data in a more efficient and cost-effective manner, benefiting administrators, educators and ultimately students."

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