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Edmodo Launches New Marketplace for Learning Resources

A new content marketplace for educators that is currently being tested in beta will be fully available later this fall.

K-12 education network Edmodo is launching Edmodo Spotlight, which will give teachers the ability to collect, share, buy and sell educational resources to improve student learning.

The new marketplace will allow educators to share their resources, review resources from all over the Web, curate collections of their own favorites and buy and sell them to each other, as well as to and from third-party sources. Educators will have the ability to search for materials by grade level, subject, resource type and price.

Parents will also be able to access the resources for their children.

"Our goal with Edmodo Spotlight is two-fold," said Edmodo CEO Vibhu Mittal. "To provide teachers the opportunity to share their original content, and to better sort educational resources in a crowd-source fashion, so that the best materials are surfaced and used in the right way to advance student learning."

At the same time, Edmodo unveiled Edmodo Sync, a single sign-on and student information system that will make it easier to bring teachers and students onto Edmodo. Intended to simplify the implementation process, Edmo Sync will securely update credentials and enable users to log in with their existing usernames and passwords.

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