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New App Gives Parents Real-Time Updates on Students' Math Progress

Tabtor Parent Insight

Tabtor Math has released a new app designed to provide real-time monitoring of a student’s learning progress. Optimized for iPhone and Android smartphones, Tabtor Parent Insights was created to help parents gain insights into their child’s performance and daily engagement with Tabtor Math, a tutoring program that delivers personalized teaching via iPads and Android tablets. Tabtor Parent Insights keeps parents updated on how their kids are doing relative to peers with push notifications, detailed metrics, tutor feedback, performance rankings and rewards earned.

Raj Valli, founder and CEO of PrazAs Learning, the company behind Tabtor Math, said, “We observed that parents want up-to-the-minute information on how their child is doing, in a format that is accessible anytime, anywhere, and with minimal effort.” He added that in addition to real-time updates, the new app is intended to give “parents the ability to drill down into the deep insights needed for making active contributions to their child’s success.”

The Tabtor Parent Insights app details subject areas covered, time spent on each worksheet, accuracy level and a comparison with the overall community of K-8 Tabtor Math students. Parent Caryn Swobe of Reno, NV, commented, “Tabtor Parent Insights provides me with a simple, yet detailed snapshot of progress, so that I can ask informed questions and provide input when needed.”

The Tabtor Parent Insights app for iPhones is available now through the Apple App Store. It will be available for Android smartphones this month on Google Play. Tabtor Math offers a free one-week trial and several monthly pricing options ranging from $30 to $120, depending on the level of tutor interaction, frequency of reports and sibling discounts.

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