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Aerohive Debuts HiveSchool

Aerohive Networks has introduced HiveSchool, the company's new, free connected learning application for K-12 classrooms.

Aerohive developed HiveSchool to help teachers "present digital content during class, collaborate with students, monitor student activity, keep students on task, and assign a variety of learning resources," according to information from the company.

HiveSchool will be available for free and will work on any wireless network infrastructure. An Aerohive network is not required. The system is optimized for Chromebooks but will work on any computer running the Chrome browser.

Key features of HiveSchool include:

  • A visual class roster that populates as students join the class through their device;
  • Content sharing from the teacher's computer or from an assigned student's computer;
  • Resource features for teachers to access or save documents, Web pages, applications and video clips, and to assign them to students;
  • Function for remotely viewing student screens in real time for the purpose of tracking progress or keeping students on task; and
  • Control capabilities on Chromebooks, so teachers can remotely close browser tabs on student computers and limit student browsing to an assigned resource.

HiveSchool "builds upon the success of education-focused applications such as TeacherView, which was introduced in 2010, and StudentManager, which was introduced in 2011," according to a news release from Aerohive.

HiveSchool will be available as a free download from the Chrome Web Store in March 2016.

Further information about HiveSchool is available on Aerohive's site.

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