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zSpace Debuts VR Math

Students of all ages can now do math in an interactive 3D virtual environment, thanks to a partnership between GeoGebra and zSpace.

GeoGebra offers mathematics software for all levels of education. The software includes geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus, and students can now access GeoGebra software through the zSpace virtual reality tabletop. They can wear special glasses to view geometric shapes and graphs in 3D virtual reality, and they can use the zSpace stylus to lift virtual holographic images off the screen and manipulate them.

"The thing that zSpace enhanced the most was graphing surfaces in 3D," said Steve Phelps, a math teacher at Madeira High School in Cincinnati, OH, in a news release. "I actually felt as if I was holding the surface in my hands. I could look under and over and around the surface. This was far better than any other 3D graphing experience."

zSpace offers lesson plans that are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core and state standards, according to information from the company. Teachers can use zSpace's lesson plans, and they can tap into the collection of 300,000 interactive curriculum materials available on GeoGebraTube.

A video demonstration of GeoGebra in zSpace is available on YouTube. Further information about GeoGebra and zSpace is available on the companies' sites.

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