Oregon School Administrators Resign After Mocking Students in Text Messages

Two Willamette Valley school administrators have resigned after being placed on leave for sending text messages in which they mocked former students, according to the Associated Press and The Register-Guard.

The Register-Guard reports that Superintendent Todd Hamilton announced the resignations of Creswell High School Principal Andy Bracco, 45, and Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Jordan Osborn, 31, Friday afternoon.

The two faced a barrage of community criticism over negative text messages they exchanged about two former Creswell students, both female. The text conversation happened Jan. 13 during a high school basketball game. A person in the stands took a photograph over Osborn’s shoulder of the texts to Bracco on his phone, then shared it on social media.

One text made fun of a student’s weight, while another suggested a former student was using illegal drugs — namely cocaine.

Bracco, reached by e-mail Friday, said his actions were inexcusable.

“I feel terrible that my career in education is probably over, but I feel worse for the people that I’ve hurt,” Bracco told The Register-Guard.

Osborn, who was also reached by e-mail, offered a comment before his resignation was announced.

“I am deeply sorry for my extremely poor behavior and the pain and embarrassment it has cause the students, staff, families and the community,” he said.

Former Creswell teacher and retired administrator Marcy Rice has stepped in as interim principal.

The announcements of the resignations came just as a group of about 50 Creswell High students began a planned walkout — an event the students had organized earlier in the week to protest the actions of their administrators.

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