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Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator Web Betas Released

Adobe has released web betas of two of its flagship software tools, Photoshop and Illustrator. A wide range of updates to these and other Creative Cloud tools were also announced today at Adobe MAX.

The Photoshop and Illustrator web betas allow non-Creative Cloud subscribers to view and comment on files through a web browser. For Creative Cloud subscribers, browser functionality includes "light" editing capabilities. Photoshop on the web is now in public beta, while Illustrator on the web is in private beta. (Signups for the private beta are now open on Adobe's site.)

In addition to new web features, Photoshop and Illustrator received several feature updates.

New updates in Photoshop include:

  • Copy vector shapes from Illustrator and paste as vector shapes in Photoshop;

  • Improvements to the Object Selection tool for greater accuracy in automatically selecting objects in a photo;

  • One-click object masking;

  • Three new beta filters in the Neural Filter workspace;

  • A new landscape mixer tool for changing the appearance of landscapes (such as making a summer scene appear to be a winter scene);

  • A new beta feature that allows users to apply the color palette from one image to another;

  • Tone matching between objects in a photo;

  • Improved depth blur;

  • Improved Superzoom, Style Transfer and Colorize filters; and

  • Support for Apple's Pro Display XDR color space.

Photoshop for iPad adds:

  • Camera Raw file support;

  • Support for Smart Objects, including the ability to convert multiple layers and layer groups to smart objects for non-destructive editing; and

  • The addition of Dodge and Burn tools with all the capabilities of their desktop counterparts.

In addition to web-based collaboration, Adobe Illustrator adds:

  • Improved 3D effects, with a redesigned 3D effects interface;

  • The ability to add materials to 3D objects directly within the 3D panel; and

  • Font auto activation.

Illustrator for iPad adds:

  • Support for brushes;

  • A technology preview of the Vectorize feature, which traces images and converts them to vectors;

  • Object blending;

  • "Transform as Shape" function, which allows paths and curves to be transformed without having to manipulate points individually;

  • The addition of Rulers and Guides;

  • Version history;

  • Copy and paste between Photoshop and Illustrator (as well as Fresco); and

  • The ability to place linked .psd files.

Further details about the updates can be found on Adobe's blog.

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